Below is a list of all appointments in our district, including names of charges, individual churches and appointments extending beyond the local church. Please select your church name to fill out the Discipleship Form. If you serve a charge with multiple churches you will need to fill out the form for each church by clicking on the church name, not the name of the charge.


Americus First UMC

Andersonville UMC

Andrew Chapel UMC

Asbury UMC (Columbus)

Bethel UMC (Crawford Co.)

Bethel UMC (Marion Circuit)

Bigham's Chapel UMC

Box Springs UMC

Brantley UMC

Bronwood UMC

Buena Vista UMC

Butler UMC

Byromville UMC

Byron UMC

Cataula UMC

Charing UMC

Collinsworth-Corinth UMC

Concord UMC

Concord UMC (Butler/Concord Charge)

Corinth UMC (Ellaville Charge)

County Line UMC

Crowell UMC

Cusseta UMC

Cuthbert UMC

Dawson UMC

Desoto UMC

Dixon UMC

Drayton UMC

East Highland UMC

Ellaville UMC

Ellerslie UMC

Epworth UMC (Columbus)

Evan's Chapel UMC

Fort Valley UMC

Georgetown UMC

Graves UMC

Hamilton UMC

Hopewell UMC (Northwest District)

Howard UMC

Ideal UMC

Lee Street UMC

Leslie UMC

Living Grace UMC

Lumpkin UMC

M.L. Harris UMC

Marshallville UMC

Marvin UMC (Cusseta Charge)

Matthew Chapel UMC

Mauk UMC

Midland UMC

Midway UMC (Columbus)

Montezuma UMC

Morningside UMC (Lee Street/Morningside Charge)

Mt Olive UMC

Oglethorpe UMC

Olive Branch UMC

Parrott UMC

Pierce Chapel UMC (Midland)

Pine Level UMC (Oglethorpe Charge)

Pinehurst UMC

Plains UMC

Powersville UMC

Preston UMC

Providence UMC (Lumpkin / Providence / Sardis Charge)

Reynolds UMC

Richland UMC

Roberta UMC

Salem UMC (Americus)

Sardis UMC (Lumpkin / Providence / Sardis Charge)

Sasser UMC

Sharon UMC

Shellman UMC

Shiloh UMC (Vienna-Shiloh Charge)

Smithville UMC

South Columbus UMC

St Luke UMC (Columbus)

St Mark UMC (Columbus)

St Mary's Road UMC

St Paul UMC

St Peter UMC (Columbus)

Stephen's Chapel UMC

Striplin Terrace UMC

Talbotton UMC

Tazewell UMC

The Ridge UMC

Trinity UMC (Shellman Charge)

Unadilla UMC

Union UMC (Georgetown /Union / Sharon Charge)

Union UMC (Howard Charge)

Union UMC (Marion Circuit)

Upatoi UMC

Vienna UMC

Walker's Chapel UMC

Waverly Hall UMC

Wesley Chapel UMC (Powersville-Wesley Charge)

Wesley UMC (Howard Charge)

Wynnton UMC