Bishop Bryan: Reflections on Palm Sunday


Before South Georgia ever felt the effects of COVID-19, Bishop Bryan recorded this Palm Sunday message. Little did he know how timely the words “quietly courageous” would be today.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday and marks the beginning of Holy Week. In anticipation of the week, Bishop Bryan, in a video, encourages South Georgia United Methodists to consider two words: quietly courageous.

They’re words introduced to the Annual Conference nearly a year ago, at last year’s Annual Conference session, by Dr. Gil Rendle, and they are the kind of leadership needed in today's world, Bishop Bryan said.

In the video, Bishop Bryan asks two questions:

“How do we develop quietly courageous leadership? What does it look like to be a quietly courageous leader in today’s world? I invite us to use Holy Week as a great teaching moment and Jesus is the teacher.”

Jesus, Bishop Bryan said, is a leader unlike any the world has ever seen.

“He doesn't make pronouncements, He is the announcement. And when we receive Him into our heart and lives, we discover that His quietly courageous leadership can come into us as well.”

Jesus’ witness gives believers the opportunity to learn from the most quietly courageous leader the world has ever known, Bishop Bryan said.

“Whether we're talking about our homes and families, our communities, our church, our denomination, or our world, what is needed today is the quietly courageous kind of leadership that we learned from Jesus. Let's use Holy Week for that.”

Watch the video