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The pandemic continues to impact our churches and ministries
Your conference website will continue to be your best source of information related to the churches and ministries of the South Georgia Conference. You will find many resources and ideas for worship and communication, as well as updated messages from Bishop Bryan. Many pastors and church leaders have also been asking about the potential impact of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). Dr. Derek McAleer continues to update this page daily as we learn more about the CARES Act.
Once again, thank you for your commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church. Even while we are in “exile,” we are still the Church. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German theologian and pastor, was exiled to a Nazi prison and would eventually lose his life for his active participation in the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. In his book, Life Together, Bonhoeffer had this to say about Christian community:
Christianity means community through Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ. No Christian community is more or less than this. Whether it be a brief, single encounter or the daily fellowship of years, Christian community is only this. We belong to one another only through and in Jesus Christ.
And because Jesus is alive and with us today, the Church he started will endure, and you and I will endure. That first Sunday worshipping together again is going to be Resurrection Day. I like that. I think that is exactly what it will be! Grace and Peace,


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