So much of life is seasonal. This seems to be especially apparent to me at this time of year. Even though August is still part of the “dog days” of summer, we occasionally feel a hint of fall and the days begin to be slightly shorter. A new school year marks a change of seasons for many families. And in the sports world, the baseball season begins to wind down as football season heats up. Atlanta Braves fans are excited about their team actually competing for a championship this season! Amy and I experienced another change of seasons in our family recently, when our younger son, Justin, was married to Brittany. It was a beautiful ceremony with much celebration. We are so thankful and blessed! But even in our great joy I am reminded that a season has changed in our son’s life and in ours. Even though we have looked forward to this day for some time, I am still amazed at how quickly it arrived. Seasons of rapid change can be unsettling. When life moves too quickly, we can become anxious. At other times, we may feel frustrated by the things in life that never seem to change. Either way, God is with us in every season of our lives, and promises to be our dwelling place through all generations. God is with us to celebrate the seasons when all is right with the world. And God is there to walk with us in times of transition, difficulty and loss. The seasons may change, but God is with us and God is for us - in all seasons. God sent his own son, Jesus, to live among us, for a season. Jesus gave his life to remove our sins and rose from the grave to give us a life forever and beyond all seasons. That is the good news we have received and the hope that people are longing for. And as Paul told Timothy, we must be ready to share that good news with others, both in season and out of season. 
Alive with you in witness, Steve


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